simple pleasures


 Here are a few simple pleasures I enjoyed this weekend.
The last rose of the season from my Mother's garden.


Fall's foliage
  A late afternoon walk
to view autumn's fading beauty.
Preparing the garden for it's winter rest.

A finished painting.
Thanks for letting me share these simple pleasures
with you.
God Bless!


  1. Your finished painting is very soft and pretty.

  2. Soft and pretty is what I would say about the apples too. Just truly lovely, Debbie. I too love the autumn colors and the autumn smells. They combine to make this such a favorite season that I long for it year round.

  3. Hi Debbie, These are so nice to see, as you know here in Florida we don't have this.. oh a few trees lose the leaves and another few do turn a bit .. but nothing like this.
    Your apple painting is so good, I wish you would show more of your art ...hugs, thanks for sticking by me.. BJ

  4. I love the subtle colours in your painting. I wish there was some fall foliage to enjoy here but that is something we never get to experience around these parts.

  5. Don't you just love this time of year? Super painting of the apples...another treat at this time of year.

  6. I like the soft colors of your painting. Your simple pleasures are simply beautiful. :)

  7. I enjoyed reading your posts the other day, blogger was not letting me comment.
    The colours on the trees are fabulous and everywhere looks so pretty. I loved your branch with the apples from your tree and how nicely you painted it. It is always interesting to see other peoples paints and colour palette, that they use , thanks for sharing yours and I enjoyed seeing your artwork.
    Hope you enjoy more lovely AUtumn days,.

  8. A very dreamy painting and the butterfly gives it something special, lovely.

  9. a beautiful time of year - just a shame there is less daylight hours to enjoy it, beautiful painting and photos

  10. oh Debbie there's that lovely painting you started in your last post. It's turned out as I thought it would, really beautiful. Well done you. Hope you enjoyed those scrummy looking apples too. Take care. xx

  11. Debbie your apple painting is lovely, yes it is soft and pretty. Beautiful.It makes me think of fall apples and how wonderful they are. Your trees are changing much faster than ours. Your blog always makes me happy. thank you dear friend,love,Diana

  12. Nice to see the progression of such a lovely painting. I always think there is something magical about butterflies. It takes me back to actually seeing the metamorphosis take place when I was at school. Complete AWE!
    The last rose from your mothers garden is gorgeous.


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