Gathering...making preparations

I am in the midst of gathering and making preparations for the coming season.  

It is difficult to tell summer goodbye but autumn brings a special joy.  
In the garden there is much to finish up and put away.   This afternoon I took the time to cut Sweet Annie and some Goldenrod.   I hung them in the shed to dry.
They should be ready for wreathes and arrangements in about two weeks.  
There are still zucchini and green peppers to gather... cabbage and beets to put away.
Bright nasturtiums are blooming in autumn's  colors.

I continue to keep my hummingbird feeders filled for all those sweet hummers that are making their way south for the winter.  They will be missed.
As always I am so glad you stopped by for a visit.
May God bless you.



  1. You never cease to amaze me.. Look at all this wonderful harvest. Home grown by you, and then there's me ... Go figure ...
    love it Deb... hugs from BJ

  2. I love sweet annie. When I had my dried flower business that was a favorite. So glad you liked the video. In these times of world crisis it's so good to have a little joy isn't it. Happy week to you.

  3. Its a lovely time of year for gathering. I've been harvesting the flowering tops of my lavender for the little lavender bags :)
    Love to see what you've been doing! xx

  4. Your blog brings home so much that I love about the autumn; my favorite season. I could do with way less summer and way more autumn.

  5. Wonderful post to move the summer's over blues away. Your blog always cheers me up.

  6. Thanks for sharing your final harvest with us. I love the cooler weather and hope autumn lasts a long time this year :)

  7. What wonderful produce - especially since you grew it in your own garden. That is so awesome.

  8. Summer is slipping away but fall is always glorious. I always look forward to the next season. Thanks for sharing your harvest with us!

  9. Looks like you are really getting ready for fall.

  10. That goldenrod is so pretty-it's a nice time of year, especially for beautiful colors.


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