Some virtues...

Some virtues are easier to accept than to practice.  Patience or forebearance comes to mind.  

I certainly appreciate it when others are patient with me.  The tough part comes when I am asked to do the same.  The need for this virtue seems to arise when life's moments are less than perfect. 

Whenever I am a few minutes late leaving for an appointment often there is a slow moving vehicle ahead.   In the country it can be a horse and buggy, tractor, or someone who has decided to enjoy the view.  It is then that practicing being patient becomes a bit difficult .     

The truth is one really only learns to be patient when they are tested.   It is under stress that we find whether we have forebearance.

A dear friend ( many moons ago) gave me a napkin holder that had this prayer written on the front  "Please God grant me patience but hurry!"    I think she knew me well.
Here are some flowers from the garden.   Waiting for rain has certainly tested their patience this summer.        

I think they passed the test with flying colors.   Hope I can too.

Have a great end to your week.   P.S. If you find any patience lying about send it my way but please hurry!


  1. Know how you feel there Debbie, I have spent many hours stuck behind caravans and lorries, whilst driving up the narrow and winding roads of the Scottish glens. Lovely photos and is that a Finch?

  2. Patience is not a virtue I have in the smallest amounts. I want to be able to do things but I want the results to be satisfying instantly (i.e., no need for practice, practice, practice). I used to pray for patience myself but enough testing! LOL

    You must live near an Amish or Mennonite community. I know when we drive to Indiana occasionally, one of my favorite things to see is the buggies. In so many ways I envy that lifestyle, that faith. I often wish I was more like that myself. That said, I think I'd have the hardest time in giving up the tv.

    Your bird painting is wonderful!

  3. Deb, Same thing here... That is one virtue that passed me up. It's too late to change, so I just accept it as part of me..
    Your bird painting is so good.. wish you'd show more of your paintings. BJ

  4. I need a dose of patience too. Some days it seems as if I keep losing it all the time.

  5. Patience is definitely a virtue I don't have especially with my watercolours. I'm always too impatient to add the next layer too quickly.

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  6. Sorry Debbie having PC trouble. Anyway your bird is gorgeously painted btw. Laura x

  7. Your bird is beautiful Debbie. Patience is a gift from God. So if we are with Him, it's not difficult to have it.

  8. The bird bookmark is gorgeous!!! And yes, patience doesn't come easily to many of us, especially these days of busy times and fast cars and road construction and t.v. ads and...well you know! ha ha

  9. Oh how I love your art. Love your blog too.

  10. Hello Debbie - thankyou so much for stopping by. Your blog is delightful and your paintings are really lovely, you have a very soft and gentle style. Nice to meet you - Betty


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