Lazy days of summer...

Ah those lazy days of summer...I hope they never end!
  What could be better than a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade and a great stack of books?

  My beloved took me to the library Saturday and here is what I found. 

  Julie Zickafoose comes from my neck of the woods.   She is a lovely watercolor artist who focuses on birds and nature.   My husband and I met her at one of the art shows a few years ago.   She paints the things I love.   Her latest book is the "Blue Bird Effect".
Then I discoverd a new biography about Beatrix Potter written by Linda Lear.   Beatrix's work inspires me. Her drawings of rabbits and the whimsical creatures of nature are such a delight.   This book has some fine illustrations within.   Good reading for those moments just before sleep falls.
Marie Angel wrote a great book on painting for Calligraphers.   There is some beautiful art featured through out.  A great deal of it is miniature which I find so intriguing.    Judith Martin's book on "Mastering Sketching" features all the different aspects of this important exercise .   Stanley Maltzman's "drawing trees step by step" is a revisit for me.  His examples are so helpful.  Carla Sonheim has written "Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists".   I read "Collage Lab" by her.   She has some great tips and fun things to try.   Finally "The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed" by Seth Apter  promises to get some creative ideas flowing.

Are not books the best?   It is such a priviledge to be able to go to the library and find such treats.

Well now you know what I will be doing for the next few days.   
Hope  you find some time for reading as well!  
God Bless  


  1. Hi Debbie. Thanks so much for taking my book out and having a read. I do hope you find a lot of inspiration on its pages. And speaking of pages...the page in your sketchbook is gorgeous!

  2. Now that is how to live! I too like the Beatrix Potter drawings. Me? I just bought Uncle Tom's Cabin. A classic that I've wanted to read for years and never managed to find the time. And it is a book instead of on my kindle. A keeper.

  3. Wonderful books, I can see you have your hands full ; )
    I love Beatrix Potter too. I saw the movie and really loved that one. My children had a book by her hand when they were little.
    Have fun reading and creating.
    God bless.

  4. Wow, your librarian must love art - our library has few books that are beyond beginner stuff. I've been meaning to get the Julie Z. book and this might just prompt me to do so. Have a great week.

  5. I am always blown away by your beautiful paintings. So glad you're enjoying summer. I would be too if i didn't have to work :(

  6. Public libraries are wonderful aren't they! I used to go and get stacks of gardening books when I was just starting out on my yard years ago. Love the lily/day lily you are working on!

  7. Debbie - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I see that we have a few blogging friends in common. I enjoyed seeing your work and reading your posts. Lovely work. I'm going to add you to my blogs to visit, and will be back.

  8. Oh, my Dear, you hit the jackpot! Our library rarely has anything creative anymore; the Art League used to donate new art books (especially watercolor!) on a regular basis, but that was years ago, and they've disbanded. About the only really creative books now are the Southern Living Christmas decorating books...:( ~ You are so lucky to have an artistically-inclined librarian!
    I love Beatrix Potter...I was in her area of England, the Lake District, a few years ago visiting a friend...such sweet characters...(Leo's daddy's name was Tiggywinkle!)
    And last but not least, I LOVE your lily! Beautiful...I wish we could paint together too, my sweet friend!

  9. Hi Debbie - thanks for all your knid comments on my blog, always love to hear from other artists. Painting thru tissue paper is a really fun techniquee and you should definitely give it a try. The key is to wet the wc paper first, lay the tissue on top and then spritz it with more water to help the paint transfer - enjoy!

  10. Books are the best! And they make great still life objects! Great photo and flower painting.

  11. Oh Debbie lucky you to find such wonderful books in your Library. Mine is full of 'not much'... well not on watercolour anyway. Lovely delicate lily painting. I'm about to add you to my list so I can see what you have painted next with all those books... :-) Enjoy your summer. :-)


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