A New Beginning...

A new beginning... a fresh start... a clean slate... a pristine page - that is what gesso can do!  It works miracles.
Every so often I go through unsuccessful paintings- (there are plenty)   I revamp them - recycle them -  make them white again.

There is a marvelous sense of well being when I can cover up a mistake .   I am filled with hope...renewed ...  I can start over...another chance to get it right.  

How wonderful life would be if there was something that could whiten previous mistakes.  Give one a second chance to right wrongs and repaint the past.  What a miracle that would be!  What a precious gift!

 Well I best get back to my gessoing.   I may find a new beginning. I may right a few wrongs.
On  My Way Home!

Hope you have a wonderful day.   Take care and God Bless.


  1. Debbie, that painting "on its way home" is so stunning, soft, warm, inviting...the adjectives are rolling. Oh to be able to paint like that! Love the idea of gesso'ing over old paintings too. I might have to give that a try!

  2. I am in the process of doing the very same thing! One of my work tables is covered with paintings that will be whited over-for maybe the third or fourth time...Gesso is wonderful!
    I love how in Joel 2, God says He will restore the years all the worms have destroyed. I hang on to that~He is faithful.

  3. I love your painting, the colours are so soft and pretty. We all need a clean slate every now and then.

  4. What a beautiful painting. Debbie thanks for your suggestion about the cherry juice. I have never had pain like that and was sure I had broken something. I also had never heard or knew little about gout. But I am on the mend. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. There is nothing quite like starting over again. A fresh start and a brand new beginning.. hugs, from BJ

  6. I am very glad you didn't gesso over "On My Way Home"! What a gorgeous painting! But yes, starting again can be very freeing. Have fun with you newly gessoed surfaces!

  7. On My Way Home is beautiful. Do you paint watercolor over your gessoed surface?

  8. Good idea, Thank you for sharing it

    I buy gesso a gallon at a time. The rim has to be kept clean and closed when not in use or else bits of dry gesso accumulate. I use the sides and lid skins for texture on canvas, and gesso primed vellum and Bristol board.

  9. Hi Debbie - I always love knowing that I can gesso right over those old paintings and then it is so fun to paint on a slick surface for a change. 'On My Way Home' is beautiful!

  10. yes, gesso is one of my best friends. Gorgeous watercolor. You captured a wonderful mood.


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