A Sunday Afternoon Ride...

It was a perfect afternoon for a bike ride.  The sun was shining and the day had warmed up a bit.   We rode to a place that is nestled in the hills of our county.   It is where every year in October they have a festival.  It started out as a small affair but has grown over the years to where hundreds of folks come.

When we were in high school it was just a barn dance with a few locals getting together.   Now there is Barbecued Chicken, Art, Weaving, Music, Pancakes, Sauerkraut, etc.  Vendors from all around bring their arts and crafts.  In the autumn it is a photagrapher's paradise.
The Grounds 

The Farm House

The School House

(this is where I displayed my first pen and ink - won a blue ribbon- was thrilled)

When we arrived today we were greeted by the welcoming committee!
My Honey
Guess Who

It was a lovely afternoon.  Glad you could come along.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!


  1. The country always grabs my heart and I wish I could live on a farm myself. And I really wish I still had a cute figure like you do!

  2. Debbie, you live in the most idyllic place, can I move there?
    I do love your bike, and would have another if I thought I could still hold it up ! lol
    YOu and your honey look great... hugs BJ

  3. I would to be around to watch a festival go from a tiny grass roots event and turn into a major festival. How wonderful to know the history of it. Your bikes are huge! You look so tiny next to it!

  4. Debbie, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. What a nice way to spend the day! I am sure the festival is wonderful!
    Your picture story brought sunshine to my cloudy... soon to be rainy day. I am glad I bumped into your blog.
    Have a Great Week!

  5. I love the welcoming committee. The festival sounds so interesting. Thanks for your comment. Have a wonderful week.

  6. What a neat trip and loved your greeters. Also like your hummingbird from your last post. You are very talented.

  7. Thanks for your visit!
    You sure are a talented painter....I am always in awe of such talents...love the welcoming committee!!

    Linda :o)

  8. Now this is cool! My hubby and I have talked about getting bikes! When he retires~a few years from now-like maybe 9 more years---hope we could still get on one! Makes me laugh just to think about it!


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