Sunday, August 25, 2019

Taking Time

I've been taking time this week to notice nature's lovely compliments...

Queen Anne's Lace dotting the summer meadow...

how blue the sky appears when sunflowers reach high...

that there is nothing more peaceful than sweet bovine grazing...

acorn caps make great ground decoration...
and fallen leaves means autumn is just around the corner.

So glad you stopped by and took some time to visit.  Hope your final week of August is wonderful.  Will see you in September :)!!

Hugs Debbie

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot."  Eccl.3: 1-2 (NIV)


  1. It seems like we have had a bit of a change in the weather so that it seems like fall is approaching. Your photos always make me smile to see the small things in life that we usually take for granted but are so important. Have a wonderful end to the month of August!

  2. Debbie, do continue to enjoy these last days of August. This has been a fine August here with most days with bearable temperatures. This does make it easier to see these lovely wholesome sights of summer though they are slowly coming to an end. Cheers...

  3. We are enjoying some last hot summer days. But autumn is in the air. Have a great week, Debbie!

  4. Beautiful things you have found. So nice to look around and appreciate all that is around us ... in our own backyard so to speak.
    Have a really lovely week Debbie :D)

  5. It's so wonderful to take time and appreciate nature like you do, Debbie. The sunflowers are pretty and very tall. You can make something special for Fall with the acorns you found. I have been pulled in so many different directions lately, that I've been longing to spend time in nature. It brings me great peace. And like you, I've been seeing falling leaves and the changes in their color. : )


  6. It sounds like we enjoy the same things, Debbie. Nothing fills my spirit better than taking in the beauty of our Creator. I am SO ready for's my favorite! Blessings!

  7. This post is so sweet. Thank you for the lovely words and photos, Debbie!

  8. So lovely, Deb! Hope your week is going well!! HUGS!

  9. Fallen leaves! Lovely photos
    Ready for fall is delayed here until October.

  10. Very nice. Yes, autumn is just around the corner...

  11. Beautiful! Bible verse is on my wall.
    Our weather is still messed up here. Hot during monsoon season and June - usually our hottest month -was delightful.
    Blessings good friend.

  12. I left a comment a few days ago but it looks like it got lost somewhere in cyberspace. I love those sunflowers. They are such cheerful blooms.

  13. And the end of the month is even lovelier because of you, Debbie! See you in September:)

  14. There's so much beauty to enjoy, if we only take the time to notice it!

  15. thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos with us. Not sure if I'm anxious for Fall... I need I tried a few times to post here and all my comments never appear. hopefully, today it will..!!

  16. Yes, nature gives us so much beauty to cheer and enjoy. Love looking at your pictures, thanks for sharing and reminding that there's so much to enjoy around us. Hope you're enjoying the last days of August. Blessings.

  17. We are having an early autumn with much cooler temps and a nice breeze most days now - wonderful time of year!

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  19. I love that, "a season for activity under heaven"...I've been focusing on wildflowers because they are the theme of the art book I just completed...been photographing and you've inspired me to post some photos...That Queen Anne's Lace is just amazing. It's been nice to take the time to be awe inspired...

  20. PS When I get spam, which I'm assuming you got, I report it as spam and it gets deleted...

  21. Hi Debbie, it feels like its been so long since i have visited, time just gets away from me and i haven't been in the blogging world much so this morning I am catching up on your posts and your sweet little vignettes of a country life and hoping that you had a good summer and looking forward to fall..i am so excited for fall and the cooler days and pretty leaves...hope to not let so much time go by next time, and i always appreciate your visits to my blog as well, Hugs...Jenni


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