Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Lost Art

For many canning has become a lost art.  There seems to be less need for preserving.  A great variety of fruits and vegetables are now available year round.

As a young girl I helped my Mom can.  Our family enjoyed eating fresh things from the garden during the nice weather.  When winter came we continued to dine on what had been grown the previous summer.

The old cellar shelves were packed with green beans, beets, tomatoes, applesauce, and peaches.  Special relishes jams and jellies completed the list.

At the end of the season Mom would gather in the last of the harvest.   With the final picking she would make green tomato mincemeat and homemade vegetable soup.   .

Today I continue to follow in my Mother's footsteps.   A summer-filled jar being opened when winter's winds are howling is a special gift.  It serves to remind me that some things are still worth doing.      

                                              Hope you have a beautiful day.   God Bless!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


There are places that touch one's heart.   Some are scenes you see every day.    Others may not be familiar.  They just call to you.

This old abandoned home was one of those.   I almost missed it as we rode by.

We (hubby and I) were out on a bike ride.   The historical society had organized a "Drive your own tour" of the route that John Morgan and his raiders had traveled during the Civil War.  It marked the 150th anniversary of his famous invasion into the northern states.  We thought it would be fun to take some of the roads that he had journeyed.

Making a wrong turn allowed me to take a picture of this house.   It was situated back off the road a bit and partly hidden by summer's foliage.    It  made me wonder who might have lived here at one time.    Were they happy?   Did they have children...pets??

  One never knows what lies around the next curve.   It may be a scenic hillside...

an old shack...

a quiet country road or

                                                       a peaceful scene close to home!

                                            Thank you for letting me share these places with you.
                                                                       Have a wonderful evening!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time in the Studio

The wet weather has given me more time in the studio.  
 I love painting and sketching outdoors.    With all the rain it has proved to be a challenge.     So I brought some of the garden inside.           

    Aren't these daisies lovely and fresh?   They will be a perfect subject to study and inspire.

Okay!  Not everyone is excited about the daisies.   It might take some sunshine to please these two.
    If your weather is wet I hope you have found something indoors that inspires.
                                                               So glad you came to visit.  God Bless!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I am thankful for summer's bounty...
A face that makes me smile...


Hollyhocks against a blue sky...

Berries growing in the hedgerow

A mischievous playmate...

      and time to create!

Thank you for stopping by to say "Hi"!   Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July's Delights

 July's garden is filled with an abundance of daylilies.    These flowers seem to flourish most anywhere.   They prefer sunshine but they grow in dappled shade as well.
They are not fussy.   There is such a wide variety from which to choose.   Over the years I have planted  many lovely ones.    This is just a sprinkling of a few that grow at Harmony Hills.

Each bloom only lasts for a day.   Generally they have many buds so one can expect them to decorate the garden for several weeks.  
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of July's delights.   Have a great day.  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tappan Lake

 A couple of weeks ago hubby and I took a bike ride.   We rode down to Tappan Lake.   It is a beautiful place to visit. 
               Along the way we saw old barns of different types and styles...

 wildflowers growing in great profusion...
and green hillsides with blue skies above.
The lake stretches for several miles with places to stop and enjoy the view.      
Such a peaceful place to go.
Thank you for coming along.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

150th post

 This is my 150th post.  I certainly have enjoyed sharing my thoughts on life... art... pets... gardening... cooking and such with you.     
Down The Road
Not only do I love sharing but I love returning the visit.    Your blogs and posts inspire me in so many wonderful ways.   Thank you dear friends for taking the time to read what is written here and to leave a sweet comment.    God Bless all of You!    

Sunday, July 7, 2013


 Summer has brought changes to the garden.   Our spring in Ohio was extremely dry.   The crops looked rather sad.   The drought seemed like there was no end.   Then June arrived.   It brought an abundance of moisture.  
Now everything is flourishing.    The grass has become lush.   Daylilies and hollyhocks are bringing bright color to the flower beds.  The beans and squash have grown in leaps and bounds.  The corn was much higher than knee high by the fourth.   Isn't it amazing how some changes make such a difference!
Here is another one that has done some changing...

She just turned six months old on the fourth of July.

Hard to believe she was this little. 
Just goes to show the importance of savoring each moment.   Nothing stays the same.    Everything will change given time.
Hope you have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Raise it High!

Raise it proudly...

                     Raise it high...

                            Have a Happy Fourth of July!



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