Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Revisiting the Past

Sometimes I like to revisit the past.   With the quiet and solitude of winter there are moments when one can think about days that have gone by.
    The Roseville vase pictured above was handed down from my dear Grandma...she had several of these pieces that still remain in the family.   At the time that she purchased them they were very they are considered to be a valuable antique .       
     Grandma would often  arrange sweet peas, delphiniums and roses in these vases and take them to the sick and hurting.   It was her way of bringing cheer to friends and neighbors.
The soft pink and blue tones in this particular vase were her favorite colors.   They are mine as well.
The Roseville Pottery was in operation from 1890 to 1954 in Roseville and Zanesville, Ohio.    It seems one by one potteries have closed their doors.   They have become a thing of by gone days.   
Makes me wonder if there is anything being made today that will become valuable to the generations to come.   I hope so.  
Thank you for letting me share this special piece of the past with you tonight.
God Bless! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Studio Time

 There was very little time spent in the studio this week.    Yesterday I managed to do a couple of small watercolor sketches.    Creative moments are hard to find these days.
Raising a puppy is a full time endeavor.   It has been nine years since we had a new baby.  I had forgotten what it is like house training, teaching them to sit and setting boundaries.   You would think after countless puppies one would not forget the tricks of the trade.  
Of course each is different and like all of us they have their own individual personalities.
What I have learned through trial and error is consistency and sticking to a schedule pays high dividends. 
German Shepherds are working dogs and with the right training they make delightful companions.   They are extremely intelligent and want to please you.
Shelby at seven weeks is already learning to sit and come when we call her.   There is a lot of work to be done.   God willing in a year from now she will make us an excellent pet. 
Along with learning some of the basic commands she is finding her place in the pack as well.    
 Sarge is certainly showing her how to follow the leader.    Thank you for taking time to visit.    Best go for now Shelby is in need of a nature break.   God Bless!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hi everyone.   I am so happy to meet you.   My name is Shelby.   I have come to live at Harmony Hills.  
Yes I am small and only about seven weeks old.
My new owners carry me around quite a bit.  They are worried I might get stepped on.
 When I first arrived  my new buddy Sarge greeted me.  We are going to be great friends for sure.
   Already we are bonding.   Of course he made it quite clear that he is in charge.   That's okay for now.   I will let him have his way.   After all he knows the rules here much better than I.  
Unfortunately the felines have not been as welcoming.   They are starting to warm up a bit but it may take some time for them to come around.
Over all I think I am really going to like it here.
So glad to meet you all.    Have a lovely evening.   
P.S. My mistress said she was sorry that she had not been visiting you as much.   She is just a bit busy with me but she hopes to catch up with everyone soon. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Look what paid a visit this week.  They came to tell that spring is near.   Their small petals brought joy and promise that warmer days are coming. 
Flowers seem like God's love notes.  They always speak to the heart.
Seeing these beauties blooming got my brushes moving. 
 I tried two different techniques on this blossom.   The one on the left was drawn over a wet into wet under painting.   The right one I drew the flower first and then painted it.

Both were fun to do but my preference was the first.   
Janet Whittle's "Watercolor Flowers" and "Painting Flowers and Plants"   have some wonderful exercises to try.    One of those was dropping color into a wet wash and letting the colors mingle and then drawing the composition after everything is dry.
There are so many ways to capture the loveliness of a flower.  Like each of us every plant has its own personality.  Isn't it great that there is such diversity?
So glad you stopped to visit.    Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Special Night

Tonight is special.  One year ago on this date I hit publish and the "View From Harmony Hills "  became a blogspot.

It has been an amazing year.  I have seen the world and never left my hilltop.  Traveling to the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Scotland, Italy, the Island of Malta, and all over the US has been such a blessing.

All of you have made me feel so have invited me into your homes and shared your dreams, your lives and your loves.    Thank You!

I wish to express a special thanks to Diana M Davis .   She was my first visitor.  If you have never stopped by her blog be sure you do.   Her watercolors are breathtaking.   Barbara Joan  was the second to visit me.   Her encouraging words gave me the faith to keep posting.   BJ's art is extraordinary.   She works not only with watercolor but pencil as well.  Bless you both for making this "newbie" feel at  home. 

Blogging does take time and effort but the rewards are great!  God Bless all of you on this special night.   I am so grateful you let me share my view with you.    



Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Memorable Corner

 When I was small my mom had a corner hutch in the dining room.
I became very familiar with that place.   Unfortunately it was not my favorite spot.   Far too many minutes were spent sitting on a chair facing that hutch.  It was where I was sent when I needed to think about my unruly actions.   There was quite a bit of pouting and contemplation that went on in that corner.   I was certain that Mom was wrong.  Naturally she was not.
By the time my baby brother was old enough for that particular punishment the area was but a faded memory.    The dining room had been remodeled into a large kitchen and cupboards covered the corner.    How fortunate for him! 
Well that has been over fifty years ago and many moons have come and gone.   There may be no  hutch in my dining room but there is a corner spot.   The chair faces outward but it can easily be turned about.    There are just times when one might need to sit and pout. 
Thanks for visiting my memorable corner.
God Bless!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finding inspiration

 I found inspiration this week.  It came from a photo that I had snapped on a warm sunny day in January.
  I was attracted not only to the lights and darks but the texture.    It also appealed to me because of its abstract nature.
Thought it might be interesting to photo copy in black and white.    This helped me see the values.
Feeling adventurous I used india ink for the background or negative spaces.   Then experimented with a bag full of mixed media on hot press paper.  
It was fun to try something a bit different.   Also the subject matter was not my usual choice.
Sometimes looking down can lead to as much inspiration as looking up!
So glad you stopped by to visit.  May you have a wonderful day.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


 Today my Dad turned seventy-nine.  He amazes me with all he still does.     Even after open heart surgery six years ago he has kept on farming.
He still cuts firewood, builds fence and runs cattle.    Perhaps he moves a bit slower but he still keeps moving.  
When I was growing up you knew to listen when he spoke.   Dad was always consistent.   If you did wrong there was a price to pay.   
He has taught me so much over the years.    Some of those things I had assumed all children learned and sadly found out they didn't.
One was never envy what someone else has or does.  Be generous to others.  Don't judge someone by the clothes they wear.  Always think for yourself.    In fact it is still a joke between us when he says "Think daughter, think."   
It is with a heart of gratitude that I write this post as a tribute to a wonderful dad.   He raised me up to walk in faith and to trust the Lord.   He taught me right from wrong.   He has always been there for me through the good times and the bad.  
It is wonderful to celebrate seventy-nine years of a man who knows how to live life well.

May God Bless Him with many more!
 Thank you for letting me share this special father with you.   




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