Sunday, February 24, 2013

Studio Time

 There was very little time spent in the studio this week.    Yesterday I managed to do a couple of small watercolor sketches.    Creative moments are hard to find these days.
Raising a puppy is a full time endeavor.   It has been nine years since we had a new baby.  I had forgotten what it is like house training, teaching them to sit and setting boundaries.   You would think after countless puppies one would not forget the tricks of the trade.  
Of course each is different and like all of us they have their own individual personalities.
What I have learned through trial and error is consistency and sticking to a schedule pays high dividends. 
German Shepherds are working dogs and with the right training they make delightful companions.   They are extremely intelligent and want to please you.
Shelby at seven weeks is already learning to sit and come when we call her.   There is a lot of work to be done.   God willing in a year from now she will make us an excellent pet. 
Along with learning some of the basic commands she is finding her place in the pack as well.    
 Sarge is certainly showing her how to follow the leader.    Thank you for taking time to visit.    Best go for now Shelby is in need of a nature break.   God Bless!


  1. Evening Debbie, Shelby is too cute! I hear German Shepherds are making a big comeback these last few years. They are quite the beautiful and intelligent dog. Puppies are a lot of work so I'll be thinking of you...! Your small watercolors are the blue one on the right! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. What a cute pup. Yes, puppies are hard work! I'm sure she'll be worth it though :)

    Your watercolours are beautiful xx

  3. I have had several German Shepherds through my lifetime, and can confirm the extreme intelligence, and they all have their own 'personality' . How exciting to have a little new one :-) Your watercolors are very beautiful, specially really love the flower !

  4. Amazing how alike Sarge and Shelby look! Have to say I really love the birdhouse piece!

  5. Sarge looks like he's really enjoying having a little pal to hang around with him :-). Beautiful watercolors. Amazing you found time to paint with the little one.

  6. Lovely positive/negative play in the flower painting. Perfect colour combination too.

    When I saw the photo of your gorgeous dogs my first thought was wow haven't you got big paws! It won't be long before she has grown into those. Best wishes.

  7. Haven't got a clue how to raise dogs but if they are anything like children then I know they are a handful and are keeping you busy. :-) Just love your art work. Your soft colours and tones are beautifully accented by your darker neutrals. You are a very talented lady. xx

  8. Wow, Sarge looks really happy with his new friend.

    Your watercolors are lovely.

  9. I guess the puppy is keeping you busy. It takes a lot of training. I'm glad that you were able to squeeze in a few wc sketches. You don't want to take a break from that. Enjoy!

  10. Oh my goodness, Debbie! So glad I stopped by your blog today! Shelby is too precious for words - and brings back so many memories of the two GS puppies in my past. Oh, are they ever a handful! They seem to challenge you at ever corner, so why is it we love them more as each day passes! When I look in Sarge's face, I see our first shepherd and my eyes are misty. . As you know, our Jade is a rescue and so very sweet - but missed out on her puppyhood. German Shepherds are awesome and you are blessed!
    The watercolor sketches are lovely!

  11. Shelby is a little cutie! Having a baby animal is indeed a lot of work. When I got my kitten Guy last summer, I barely got anything else done for weeks! Have a wonderful time with your new fur baby!

  12. Oh Debbie-my heart just melts at the sight of that puppy....and your art! Oh my word-you are so talented my friend-these are absolutely lovely paintings.
    Love you-

  13. If I had that cute puppy nothing would ever get done....we lost our grand doggie Charlie this year who was a smart and highly intelligent German Shepard. Amazing dogs.

  14. Beautiful Work Debbie, I want to see them closer.. and love your Shelby.. got any extra names.. peek at my blog soon.. I'm so excited for you and me. Love,Diana

  15. What great dogs German Shepherds are. Enjoy them.

  16. Just found you after browsing through Laura Moores blog & what other people read. You like all the things that give me pleasure especially your water colour sketches I just love that soft style of painting. so I've just become your new follower.I'll be back again soon and look forward to seeing your puppy grow up & all the things she gets up to.

  17. Beautiful watercolor sketches!
    We have a puppy in our home now, too. Our daughter's husband is in the Navy, and is away, so our daughter, and her Corgi puppy are living with us. I puppy sit during the day. I'd forgotten how much work they are, but how much joy they bring. I enjoyed your post about your puppy.


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