Sunday, September 30, 2012

Making a memory...

Making a memory is what life is all about.  Today I had an appointment with one.
   My wonderful hubby thought bales of straw with pumpkins and mums for decorating might be rather boring.
He had something else in mind. 

Umm!  Perhaps he could use a bit of help .  

While sweetie was busy constructing arms and legs out of plastic pipe I decided to get creative . 
Using a pillowcase stuffed with straw I loaded a brush with acrylic ink and painted a face.  (This is definitely not my finest piece of art.) 

Since neither one of us had ever made a scarecrow we took things slowly .  With a drill and a few rivets his clothing was attached to the pipe.   The head was a bit of a challenge but with more pipe and rivets he was snuggly connected.  To keep his straw hat on I sewed it to his head.  It was a bit like working on a patient.  More straw was necessary to pad him well and to give him weight so he would not blow away.  Then to dress him up a bit gloves were attached with plastic ties to the sleeves of the shirt.   By this time he was starting to take on some character.

The garden bench seemed like the perfect place to situate him.

  Now he may not win a prize but perhaps he is a bit more interesting than a few mums and pumpkins.    Thanks for pulling up a bale of straw and taking some time to enjoy the making of a memory.    God Bless!    

  (P.S I think some bright chrysanthemums would complete this scene very nicely - umm- maybe the flower fairy will drop by tomorrow).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking back...moving forward

The Visit

 September is a month for looking back and moving forward.  How quickly it has hummed by.  I think of this time of the year as an in-between season - summer not quite finished and autumn not quite here.
Just need to take a few moments to bid farewell to...
 some late bloomers... 
 the morning sun's caress 
a  dewey spider's web 
 an evening's place to rest 
and my sweet hummer...  
You have moved forward and so must I.  
God bless you little friend...thanks for the visit.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cider Run

 A cider run is one of our autumn traditions.   We take the motorcyle and ride to a place about thirty minutes from our home.
Mapleton Cider Mill has been in operation for several decades. 
   Local apples and pears are used to make this sweet beverage.  It is the old fashioned type...unpasteurized.
   At this time of the year the Mill is always open.   There is an honor system in place.  You just go to the side of the building and leave your money in a box by the cooler door.
Occasionally there is someone to greet you. 
We generally purchase two for us and one for my folks.   
 It is a lovely place to go.   There is beautiful scenery along the way.
  A railroad track runs through the charming village...
with farms nearbye.
I am so glad to share our cider run.   Hope you enjoyed the ride.  
God Bless!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My childhood treasure...

She was my childhood treasure.   When I was five she was the only gift for Christmas that would satisfy.  
Of course like most kids at that age there was no knowledge of the cost of things.  I just knew that if she was mine I would love her forever. 
When Christmas morning arrived she was not under the tree.   Trying to not be sad was hard.   I had really thought Santa would bring her.
After the opening of the other presents my dad called me into the kitchen.   There was a box standing by the cupboard.   She was inside.   My child's heart nearly burst with joy and surprise.   She was so beautiful. 
Many years later my mother told me that she had stood in line for several hours to buy this special gift.   At that time in her life money was not plentiful.  It was a true sacrifice of love.  
Cathy became my constant companion...when I went to town she came along...if I stayed overnite at my grandparents she stayed too.   She was well worn and my Dad eventually had to hold her together with electrical tape.   I don't recall all the things she would say but I do remember she would tell me she loved me.   I needed to hear it.  I pulled her string so often that eventually her voice changed and I love you came out sounding like loverty.   It became a pet name that dad called mom.  He still does after all these years.
Time has moved on and I no longer am 5 but 55.  I've been through some changes and so has Cathy.  I had to touch up her face and put in a few freckles that had faded with age.   She no longer says "loverty" but her eyes still sparkle.  When I have a bad day she is still there to listen. 
She is a treasured part of my past.  A reminder of my parents' love for me.
So glad I could share her with you today.     God Bless !          

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gathering...making preparations

I am in the midst of gathering and making preparations for the coming season.  

It is difficult to tell summer goodbye but autumn brings a special joy.  
In the garden there is much to finish up and put away.   This afternoon I took the time to cut Sweet Annie and some Goldenrod.   I hung them in the shed to dry.
They should be ready for wreathes and arrangements in about two weeks.  
There are still zucchini and green peppers to gather... cabbage and beets to put away.
Bright nasturtiums are blooming in autumn's  colors.

I continue to keep my hummingbird feeders filled for all those sweet hummers that are making their way south for the winter.  They will be missed.
As always I am so glad you stopped by for a visit.
May God bless you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some simple moments...

 These are some simple moments of the day.

Freshly laundered sheets drying in the gentle afternoon breeze.

dressed in brilliant

                                                               Clear Blue Sky


Sunny Goldenrod bending low.

A small drawing of wildflowers
                                                                    The setting sun!

   Thank you for taking the time to share these simple moments.

               May God Bless You!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A glimpse of heaven

I caught a glimpse of heaven today.    It was so lovely I had to share!  
The morning was cool and the dew heavy.   Fog lay thick in the valley.

 As the sun rose the clouds moved aside.

Then suddenly there was light.    A piece of heaven seemed to fall from the sky.   The wonder of it took my breath away.    What a glorious dawn!  What a lovely beginning of a day!
So glad I took some time to look up.   Hope you  enjoyed my glimpse of heaven.  Have a great week!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reaping the Harvest

I am in the midst of reaping the harvest.   It is hard to imagine that just a few short weeks ago these tomatoes were small blossoms of yellow.   Now they are sweet juicy fruits waiting to be made into sauce.  

The Zucchini  has done well in spite of our dry weather.   Plenty for pickles and relish.
      Summer's hard work has given its reward.
The garden constantly teaches me about life.   It shows me that one does reap what is sown.  Whatever I plant, fertilize, water and give room to grow in my heart will be the fruit I bear and harvest for the coming season.   Hope I have planted well.
 May your harvest be bountiful - have a blessed day!   

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Neighbors!

Yes we have new neighbors.  They moved in across the road about a month ago.   They speak in a foreign tongue.   The most common sound is "Hee-Haw Hee Haw".   I have to admit when I first heard them I thought a cow was in distress.

Having grown up on a farm we had the usual array of peaceful bovine, pigs, chickens, sheep, and ponies.   I never had the privilege in getting to know these four legged type.   They appear friendly.   In fact both were more than willing to have their photo snapped. 


 One must not be put off by appearances.   They may not be the loveliest of animals but there is a certain charm to them.

   Sarge just hasn't found it.   Whenever they're about he is quick to let me know they are still strangers to him.    Hope this will pass soon.   In the meantime I think I will have to gather some apples and welcome them to the neighborhood.   Who knows they may become dear friends of mine!

Hope you enjoyed the view today...take care and have a great holiday week-end!



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