Word for 2021

My word for 2021 is "Believe".   I recently wrote a post about believing.  As the month of January unfolded this word kept showing up in various ways.  Once again the word chose me instead of me choosing the word.

To go along with this post I have chosen an old song "I Believe for Every Drop of Rain that Falls" - Hope you will enjoy it.  No one can do it better than Elvis!



"Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed, blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."  John 20:29 (NIV)


  1. Great choice, Debbie
    Have a wonderful week

  2. Wonderful word, Debbie! And I love Elvis' song, I remember it well.

  3. Great choice of a word, Debbie! Thanks for the link to Elvis' "I Believe." I haven't heard that song in a very long time. The words are so appropriate for us today. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  4. Isn't that amazing-we are part of an online church service and the pastor's sermon yesterday was'Believe.' It was very inspiring for us. I konw how that is when your word keeps popping up-you know it's The Word! I've got 2 for this year- Grow and Delight.
    Please take care my sweet friend. I'm praying...HUgs!!

  5. I love it when the word chooses you. I hope it brings you much enlightenment and joy this year.

  6. Good word, Deb .... Have a great week!

  7. "Believe" is a good word for the new year, and a very special word too. I remember this song by Elvis. Thank you for sharing it this morning, Debbie. I loved that red rose in the clouds shown in the video. Made my day. : )


  8. I LOVE your word, your plant, and oh!!! That song, it just gets me!! Maybe from time to time this year you will make more posts with your word, your guide?...Kathy inspired me to find a special word too...Maybe I can turn it into a blog post...

  9. I never heard this song before , beautiful text and 'Believe' is a very good word :-)

  10. BELIEVE - it is a hopeful word. A promise.
    Elvis had such a wonderful tone to his voice and this was beautiful to hear again. I must remember to go back to it every so often.
    Hope all the family are doing well.

  11. LOVE Elvis and this song. Believe is such a great word...it says it all.

  12. what a beeeautiful word to hold close this year... only Believe...

  13. Lindo!
    Adorei conhecer seu blog.


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