Today I am sharing an old lovely hymn done by
Anne Murray..."Whispering Hope".

If you are like me you may need to be in need of  a bit of hope.

Wishing everyone a blessed week and may you all find some hope along the way.



"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful."  Hebrews 10:23 (NIV)


  1. We all are in need of hope. Some days more than others.

  2. These are dark days.I'm thanking God that with Him there is always hope.

  3. With the world seeming in stunning chaos, it is a good idea to take a deep breath and inhale hope -- hope your week is wonderful -- stay well

  4. Debbie, this is perfect. Happy Sunday! Hugs!

  5. What a beautiful hymn, Debbie. Yes, we all need hope right now.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. This is most welcome, Debbie! Thank you:)

  7. I’m going to read this. I’ll be sure to come back. thanks for sharing. and also This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. this is very nice one and gives indepth information. thanks for this nice article... Bring Collective conscious to peace and unity

  8. What a great way to begin my Birthday Month...Whispering Hope. I had forgotten what a beautiful voice Anne has. This was such a pleasure and a perfect for our times. Blessings and Hugs...Have a great week.

  9. What a lovely and welcome hymn , didn't know this singer at all, but a beautiful and deep voice . Wishing you a lovely week. xx

  10. Right now many of us are looking for a bit of hope in our world of ours. I love Anne Murray's voice. It is so distinctive and peaceful! Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with us. I hope you have a great week.

  11. Sad and challenging times...

  12. Yes, thank you, hope is precious...such sadness and madness...we need hope...and we do have such beauty and kindness in this world, you are proof of that...

  13. HOPE is one of my favorite words. But what was so special to me on your post today was the words, What A Wonderful World. I looked up the song by Anne Murray. My favorite version is by Louis Armstrong, but this one was very nice too. Debbie, this song reminds me of my Dad, and I'm glad I saw it on your post to listen to it once again. Thank you. : )



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