Sunday, October 19, 2014


Are they among us?   I believe so!   Yesterday hubby and myself may have met a couple.

It was a cold blustery day.  A good time to visit the mall and do some window shopping.   In our walk around we came upon a woman and her yellow Labrador Retriever.    Somewhat unusual to see a canine in this setting.    
 Being dog lovers my husband and I stopped to talk to this smiling lady.  We asked permission to pet her sweet boy.  Turned out that Junior (his name) was a therapy dog.  He had a huge personality that matched his size.   My husband had some popcorn and asked if a treat could be shared with him.   She said "Only if he works for it".   Junior was told to sit and to shake hands.  He did this excellently.

 In the conversation we learned that this twosome go to nursing homes and facilities that have folks in need of a warm loving touch.  They spend time being a blessing to those who are lonely and hurting.

As we said our goodbyes it came to me that these two were angels in disguise.

 So often one overlooks the evidence of goodness.  It appears in many shapes and forms  Sometimes it is found in four legs as well as two.   If we take time to look we might just see that there may be many angels among us!

 "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."   Hebrews 13:2 ( NIV)

May all of you meet an angel in disguise this week.   Have a blessed evening!

Hugs  Debbie


  1. Dear Debbie, I do believe there are angels among us, and your meeting touched my heart. Lovely photos. Thank you so much for sharing, I always look forward to your posts.

  2. What a touching post Debbie! I believe in angels too and it's so extraordinary to meet them in different sizes and shapes. Not that I've met so many myself, but a few have come my way and I'm still feeling blessed by them. Your pics are lovely ! Have a special week full of love Debbie!

  3. Dear Debbie, thank you so much for that inspiring and heartwarming story!!!
    Kathryn XX

  4. Thanks for passing on the angel story. Gave me quite a warm glow.
    II occurred to me that YOU are our blogging angel. Always with did you say it - a warm, loving touch and a blessing to those lonely or hurting.

  5. They certainly were angels that you met yesterday, Lovely pictures and choice of words for your angels. Enjoy your week.

  6. What a delightful story - these two angels surely bring lots of pleasure to people who probably don't realise just lucky they are.

    And pictures of the last of the Cosmos - I have pulled all mine out now - so sad, but they have been a lovely sight all summer.

  7. Beautiful photos! And you are right, looking for goodness wherever it appears is very important:)

  8. I love your post, uplifting story to begin the week! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures too. Warm hugs!

  9. Best and most uplifting post ever, Debbie. I love you guys. Glad you had a great day and I'll bet that lady and Junior think you and your husband are angels too.

  10. Such a beautiful story Debbie. I agree with the many commenters here who say you are our blogging angel because your messages to me are always so uplifting. Who says friends need to hug in person, when your emails often give me a hug in cyberspace. I sometimes felt like an angel when I was a Nurse but not so much now. Now I hope I entertain angels unaware. I am going to my D.O. for a treatment today, that I need very much, and to me she is an angel too.

  11. Such a beautiful story and a reminder that angels can be anywhere and all around us, we just need to pay attention.

  12. Lovely thought....I'm sure I have met a few :-)

  13. How sweet. I agree about angels in disguise. They are among us but sometimes we focus to closely on the negative.

  14. This story has Gods grace all over it! Thank you for being so aware to acknowledge His blessings when you see them and generous enough to take the time to share them with us. What a gift you are, Debbie!

  15. So true, often we see the bad things so easily and the goodness is often right under our noses

  16. Dear Debbie, what you write always touches my heart ... so today I met the angel, it was you on blogland!
    I am lucky to have a friend sweet as you!
    Warm hugs,Rita

  17. Der Debbie,
    I too believe there are Angels among us... Unfortunately, most go unnoticed.. We all need to slow down and just listen.
    Beautiful and inspiring post.. Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. Yes, there are angels among us... I also know someone who used to do this with her German Shepard..
    Your photos today are so pretty... and thanks for coming by..
    Your always an encouragement for me.

  19. What a beautiful post this is, Debbie!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Can I just say..."I'm glad you're my blogging buddy?"

  20. Debbie, you are correct that there are angels walking among us...some with two legs and some with four. How great that they share their lives with others that need them. Love your photos!!!

  21. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je trouve très délicieux ce billet... Nos amis les animaux peuvent tellement apporter un sourire... redonner un souffle de vie pour beaucoup d'entre nous qui sommes seuls...
    Ce weekend je me suis rendue dans une maison de retraite avec mon dalmatien Icarus dans le secteur CANTOU où beaucoup de personnes souffrent de la maladie d'Alzheimer... Tous ont réagi positivement à la vue de Icarus. Pendant quelques minutes il a illuminé leurs visages.
    Merci pour ce joli partage et l'ensemble de vos très belles photos.

    Gros bisous ♡

  22. Lovely and sweet post dear Deb , I believe you are a little angel in disguise :-) Hugs!

  23. It seems like the bad people always get more attention, I think because the media feels those stories will get them the highest ratings. Just look how they're blowing the Ebola thing way out of proportion.

    Anyway, I do believe there are many people and many, many animals who have amazingly good hearts, but they don't get the attention they deserve. It's a sad commentary on the times we live in.

    Thank you for posting this, Debbie, and reminding us all that good still exists.



  24. There are indeed so many good people out there, if we only take the time to see them, and you did. I can imagine the joy they bring to people. They were lucky to meet you, who passed on their story to us.

  25. A lovely encounter Debbie - for all of you!
    Your photos of the cosmos are stunning. They are one of my dad's favourite flowers!

  26. I love to experience goodness....

  27. Really like your photos, especially the first one of the house seen thru the tangled stems and flowers --- an unusual perspective and really, really pretty. It seems sometimes there is so much evil in this world, but there is so much goodness too -- and therapy dogs are among the most heart-warming. thanks for sharing

  28. Lovely story and yes, angels doing good deeds are definitely amongst us. Beautiful photos too. They are uplifting in themselves xx


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