Victims of Hurricane Sandy

 My thoughts today are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  I know that many blogging friends as well as family are struggling in the aftermath of this huge storm.
We were blessed here with only rain and gusty winds.  Unfortunately for so many that was not the case.
The simple task of making applesauce... 
baking a batch of cornmeal muffins...
or gathering a handful of fallen leaves should not be taken for granted.  
Life can be so uncertain.   Even the small things we do daily are great gifts.  
I am certain that those who have lost loved ones, homes, and a way of life to Sandy would agree. 
I am looking up for all who were caught in the storm - hope you will join me.  God Bless!



  1. What a beautifully written post, Debbie.

  2. Indeed Debbie. And I love the homey feel of your photos.

  3. Glad to hear you are all OK where you are Debbie. You always make it so welcoming when I pop over here. Shame I can't just grab one of those delicious looking muffins through the monitor. Lovely photos. Take care. x

  4. That's a beautiful post. I like the reminder that the simple comforts of life must not be taken for granted. :)

  5. Such beautiful thoughts and pictures.
    Debbie , you are one of a kind and I'm glad to know you .

  6. Applesauce!
    I could put applesauce on almost everything.

    Glad your area missed the bad parts of the hurricane.
    Here in Vermont we didn't get much as well. Whew.
    I've been picking up leaves to press for winter art projects.

  7. Debbie, your post makes me all warm and cozy! Thanks for sharing these wonderful images. Glad the storm is moving away, how devastating for so many. Thanks for reminding us of all we have to be grateful for.

  8. Thanks for the reminder about the small things. I wish we would all focus on the small things a bit more.

  9. Your thought's are heart much loss and sadness for many.

  10. Beautiful post~ Your blog is delightful! I'm so glad you stopped by and said hello... I'll be following along.
    Your paintings are beautiful :)

  11. Lovely post, lovely painting.
    You are a treasure...

  12. Lovely heartfelt sentiments, you are so right, life can be so uncertain.

  13. You are so right. Treasure what you have while you have it!!!


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