Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Little Bit of This - a Little of That...

Hi - come on in and visit a bit.   We have been rather bored.  Delighted you stopped by.

Oh Hello - Glad you Stopped For A Visit!
It has been a rainy dismal day and we need some sunshine!  I think our mistress has put the coffee on - smells like a Yuky Hazelnut Brew - {the Master is definitely not fond of it} and neither are we.  For some silly reason she likes a cup every now and again.  There is just no accounting for taste these days.

Speaking of taste - she (the mistress) cooked up something new - ramps - now who ever heard of such a thing. The Mr. and Mrs. both thought they were excellent fare.  They chose not to share with us which was quite fine.  The smell left much to be desired.  I believe she cooked them with a few potatoes and served them with Sausage - {we would have liked the sausage}.

A work in Progress
Studies from nature
Early this morning we visited Madam in her studio - she was busy sketching and painting and paid no attention to us.   When she gets in her "zone" we must be still or she will shoo us away.  So silly this painting and drawing she does.  Seems to make her happy.  She turns on a bit of music and starts to sing and in a certain way she leaves us.   We are not quite sure where she goes.   "The lights are on - but no one is home."
She eventually will return and we will get something to eat.  Until she arrives though we have to be good!

Hurry Back!
Very Happy you stopped by - thank you for bringing us a bit of Sunshine!


  1. Oh yes, thanks for the invite.. those kitties are precious...
    love your hummingbird , I 've painted a few myself. and I live on Hummingbird Place. How appropriate!!! I'll be back soon.. BJ

  2. Kitties are beautiful and oh so bright! I just heard of ramps for the first time on Chopped the other day. They look a bit like green onions and I think one of the judge chefs said that they are her favorite vegetable in the world.

    Your hummingbird is just so beautiful! You've captured them perfectly too. Your little nature studies are also quite lovely.

    1. Dear Crimson Leaves - thank you for your kind remarks - if you get a chance to try ramps I would recommend them - they are not as strong as an onion - smell like garlic but fried in butter they are super - guess you can eat the leaves as well but I didn't try that. Have a blessed week.

  3. Love hazelnut coffee. Never had ramps-are they like leeks? Haven't seen any hummingbirds yet...

    1. Chris - I don't know whether I have ever eaten leeks - but I guess they are much like them. Very good fried. Isn't hazelnut coffee the best? Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week. God bless!

  4. Oh be still my heart! Your art is AMAZING!
    Thank you for the blog visit~I have loved visiting you, and will follow!


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