Saturday, November 11, 2017


 Today I found joy in the lingering fall colors...

Baking a pie...

Romping with two friends...

Painting lovely flowers ... (a gift from my Mom)

Reading an inspirational book by Brenda Waggoner...

and reflecting on God's great love.

Perhaps you will share what brought you joy today.

Have a great week!

Hugs Debbie


  1. These things bring be great joy even seeing them in your photos. I hope you have a great week too. We are finally getting some color around here. Some rain too which is what I think brought the color.

  2. The epitome of fall -- glorious!

  3. Dear Debbie, what a beautiful and reflective post. Always such peace found here. Have a blessed day!

  4. your painting is so so beautiful and that pie looks delicious, what kind is it? Hope you have a lovely Sunday

  5. Hello Debbie,I can see why all those things would bring you joy. Your pie looks delicious by the way.
    I’ve been busy cleaning and ironing today, not much joy in that you might think, but actually I quite like doing it. I’m in the warm. I have enough to eat, and the sun is shining in through the windows – all blessings; I think you will agree.
    I’m half way through The Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas, and it’s waiting on my chair for when I finish the chores. I’ve taken a pecan and toffee roulade (no time to bake today) out of the freezer for later. Life is good! Hugs Barbara

  6. A magical, pink sunrise this morning, a creative email about a new movie coming about Van Gogh, flowers still blooming, warm temps expected today, and hummingbirds at the feeder. So many blessings and it's only 10:00 a.m. Enjoy the days ahead, Debbie.

  7. A cloudy day brought me joy. Thanks for reminding us to look for the little things that can bring so much happiness.

  8. Hello dear one-the dogs are so beautiful together. I hope you are well~and your mom too.....she picked out some lovely flowers! Love to you....(PS-your post reminded me to be thankful)

  9. Your pie looks perfect!

    “Fairy Tale Faith”...gonna look that up.

  10. Beautiful autumn colours! And oh that pie looks yummie! I had some uplifting words from a friend, that brought joy to me today.

  11. Lovely post that oozes 'hygge' , hope you know what that danish word means :-) Your watercolor is delicate and beautiful , it deserves to be framed !

  12. I love your painting of the flowers and even more special that your Mom gave them to you. Your pie looks SO good!!!!! Enjoy the rest of the evening.....

  13. Lovely watercolor! You always find something to bring joy to our lives. You are a very special person. Thank you! May your week be blessed, Debbie!

  14. Beautiful fall colors and a beautiful painting! Furry friends always bring me joy, too. Have a great week, Debbie! Blessings, Victoria

  15. Dear Debbie,
    First, let me at that pie! There is something so comforting about baking this time of year.
    Your companions always warm my heart. They are such beautiful dogs. Flowers are such a heartfelt gift. How sweet of your mom, and I love your painting.
    What gave me joy today was making a Christmas gift for my grandchild.
    Wishing you a peaceful week.

  16. I feel a lot of joy visiting your blog! What a gorgeous painting! When can I come over for some pie!?! Wishing you a wonderful week!! hugs

  17. Lovely post - lovely watercolor painting. Thank you for spreading the joy, Debbie!

  18. It certainly does look like you had a joyful day with a tasty pie and a beautiful painting to show for it (as well as these pretty pictures). Today was mostly a work day for me, but we finally switched to faster internet, so that brings a bit of joy! :)

  19. What a beautiful post, Debbie. I envy your expertise at pie making - looks delicious. I have a hubby who adores apple pie but I have never made one. I was raised with Apple Crumble so that is what he gets. I came to this country with an ability to make great puff pastry - cold hands! - so my kids have never had a home made cake.
    What gave me joy was working on Sunday at church packing food under the umbrella of, Feed MY Starving Children. It is a Christian led organization, brilliantly organized to have an efficient way to have churches and school throughout the country participate in fund raising and then manually packing nutritious food packets to be distributed in places round the world by responsible people and not corrupt officials. Great joy in knowing you can make a difference.
    Have a blessed week my friend and tell your mother she has good taste in choosing the alstroemeria flower. They last and last.

  20. I think you are specially busy at this time of the year, Baking , playing or working outdoors before it gets too cold. In fact, it’s what I did today, plus I completed a small porcelain teacup I started a while ago. Little things that make life beautiful, a big hug my dear friend.🍂🍁😘

  21. Thank you for sharing the joy...including with your art, which is lovely!


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