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Quiet summer evenings are a perfect time for reading.  There is something special about curling up with a good book.  Such a great way to relax after a busy day.

"The Guardian" by Nicholas Sparks has been on my shelf for several months.  It has been waiting for the gardening chores to slow down.  What a fine page turner.    
Kaaren Poole's "How to Sketch Animals has practical illustrations on drawing sweet furry friends.

"Watercolor Simplified" shares Pat Weaver's fresh and vibrant style.   She shows the importance of  planning values and choosing a good composition.  Her limited palette also keeps the painting process simple.

So glad you took a moment to see what I am reading.  Hope you have something good on your bookshelf!

Thanks for stopping by.   Have a wonderful evening!




  1. Curling up with a good of my very favorite things to do! Who is the darling black and white fur person? So cute!



  2. I love curling up with a good book. I absolutely love the cat. :)

  3. I have a backlog of books to read - they've taken a back seat to publishing my own!
    Now that's done, today I fully intend to start again. My first is Vendetta by Marie Corelli. Having read her book The Sorrows of Satan - and loving it, I searched for others!

  4. I've always been a rabid reader but with working and a love for art and creating, chores, and practicing it has, alas, taken a back seat. Admittedly once every couple of months all of that flies out the window and I give myself over to a book or two or three. If I ever had to give up everything that I love to do but got to keep one, it would be the books. I'd have to have those in my life always. Since I think in images, I have a very active imagination while reading and do so enjoy it.

  5. Great post
    Thank you for a reminder get the books out.
    For me, reading has gone by the wayside lately.
    It will feel like summer when I catch up on my summer reading list.

  6. Reading is a wonderful way to relax after a busy day. I have been reading some old books on photography I picked up at a flea market. One is National Geographic Photography Field Guide (secrets to making great pictures), and The Amateur Photographer's Handbook which is all about old cameras. I will be putting up a blog post about them later today.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  7. My next favourite hobby to painting. But real books, that you hold in your hand and turn the pages

  8. I love to read.. yes the Guardian is so good. the others look so inviting too. ah I love to curl up with a coffee and a good book! Thanks for sharing with us! love,Diana

  9. I love reading too, but don't get to do nearly as much as I once I paint instead. Looks like you are set!

  10. I love Nicholas Sparks too! Your cat knows he's photogenic! Lovely post as always!

  11. Thanks for this post Debbie, you always calm me down.. when I read your blog it's like going back in time... for just a while.
    thanks for all your support as I'm healing, your words of encouragement and I'm getting stronger every single day.. lol maybe every minute?
    Pretty soon I'll be painting ... it just hasn't hit me as yet. BJ

  12. That looks like very interesting reading. Have fun !!!
    Hugs and God Bless !!

  13. The August wind down is the perfect time for reading. I love the relaxing header picture. so pretty.

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