Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not So Much Where We Went but Who...

We went riding one Sunday afternoon with our dear friends Mr. and Mrs. B.   They too have a motorcycle.   It is always fun to share a ride.  Our friendship spans over three decades.   We have made so many wonderful memories.   It is a such delight to spend time together.

Dick and I had been wanting to ride over to Beaver Creek State Park.   They had never been there.  It is about forty miles from our home.   The day was beautiful-no rain in the forecast.

The Park offers a shady place to picnic, fish and hike.   There are huge pines and a stream that meanders through the grounds.  What makes it even more special is the old restored Gaston Mill.  It was built in 1830.   It was part of the Canal system in the area.   There is a church, schoolhouse and a covered bridge from that bye-gone era as well.

Gaston Mill

In the summer the buildings are open for people to stroll through at their leisure.   There are a great many artifacts housed in the Mill.   The place is not only rich in beauty but in history.

Church and Schoolhouse

It was a delightful day.   Sharing a place makes it so memorable.   I am certainly glad to have had our good friends ride along.  Life's journey is made richer by friendship.   What a blessing from God.

Covered bridge

Thanks for coming too.   May God bless your journey!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! It is nice to have good friends.

  2. What a special day this was Deb. Days like that are never forgotten.. years from now you'll be saying. "remember the day????"
    What a tranquil place. the setting is so peaceful.
    Here in Florida we still have many places like that.
    St. Augustine (although so commercialized) still has that first church ever built .. Love that kind of thing..
    thanks for sharing it. hugs, BJ

  3. What a lovely, secluded place.

  4. Such wonderful pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful time !!

  5. sounds like a perfect day to me. That mill would be fun to paint...and the covered bridge.


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