Sunday, November 3, 2019

Being Grateful

November's arrival has me focusing on being grateful.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (here in America) it is nice to consider all the blessings one enjoys.

Such as beauty found in a blue sky...

wildflowers pushing their way through an old pile of wood posts...

a solitary posy bravely reaching for the sun's rays...

 simple leaves and weeds to sketch...

and last but not least - all of you who show up faithfully each week to pay me a visit.

God Bless


"How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you."   1 Thessalonians 3:9


  1. There is so much to be grateful for in our lives. Thank you for making us stop and think about it. I am grateful to have a friend like you who fuels not only the artistic side of my life but the spiritual side too. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Yes, a good reminder that being thankful should not be limited to Thanksgiving Day prayers. Beautiful post, Debbie!

  3. Great photos and post
    Being thankful is good to include in our daily thoughts.

  4. It is good to stop and think about the many things in our lives to be grateful for. So: thank you Debbie! :)

  5. So good to have your little stop for a reminder of things to be thankful for. Have a great week.

  6. A lovely post, Debbie! I'm so grateful to have your beautiful art, photographs and words available at all times. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful. It's so easy to forget.

  8. Lovely thoughts Debbie, there's so much for which to be grateful.
    Beautiful pieces of nature to sketch too. Hugs xx

  9. Every time I see s wildflower, they are so pretty to me. I can see that you appreciate them as well. How wonderful it is to sketch. Yes, so many things to be thankful for.

    Happy November days, Debbie.


  10. It amazes me how hardy some of those wildflowers are!

  11. It certainly looks beautiful there, enjoy lovely xxx

  12. It's so easy to be busy and forget about all the things we to be thankful for. Thank you.

  13. Photos and thoughts are well-timed, Debbie! Beautiful verse. Happy November!

  14. Finding beauty in every little thing is the way to happiness and makes life worth living :-))

  15. Beautiful photos. As you say, so very many things to be grateful for. A lovely verse -- a perfect ending to your post.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Debbie!
    Brenda xox

  16. Thank you for your reminder to be grateful even for a small thing. Being grateful makes our life happy. I am also grateful that you continue visiting my blog. Blessings

  17. such beautiful piece of writing dear Debbie

    as i always say that REALIZATION OF HAVING BLESSINGS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT EVEN BLESSINGS because if we are not able to feel what we have everything goes waste
    and life seems miserable

    your November is splendid indeed
    loved the colorful trees
    and your sketch looks delightful :)
    wishing you more joys and endless peace in days ahead my friend!

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  20. Lovely scenery, as usual. Is it all covered in snow now??

    Definitely feeling grateful right now because there is so much more peace in my life as compared to this time last year. I know that's not a prerequisite for feeling grateful, but I do appreciate that peace more after turmoil!

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