Saturday, April 7, 2018

April is here!

Page from Sketchbook

Yes friends April is here!

It brought us a special gift the day after Easter.

We awoke to a lovely snowfall.

Every shrub and limb was covered.

By noon it was beginning to melt and at
4:00 P.M.  it was gone.  It was as if
it had never happened.

So yes April has arrived - she may be teasing us but she is here!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.   BTW - this post is early - we are celebrating my Mom's birthday tomorrow.  She will be 80.

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  
Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."  Prov. 31:30-31 (NIV)


  1. Happy birthday to your Mom, Debbie! Such a lovely April painting, I love it. April snow, what a surprise, brr.

  2. Happy birthday to your mother. I hope you soon start to see more signs of spring.

  3. Happy birthday to your Mom :) and thanks for sharing the lovely painting (such joy to see those red red robins, a sure sign that spring is just teasing us and will stay some day). We had snow, too, and more - just a dusting that is gone by the afternoon (the best kind of snow, in my opinion!)

  4. I love your birds! Amazing when I zoomed on it!!! And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MOM......!!!!!

  5. Wishing a Happy Birthday to your mom!!! Your bird is lovely! That photo of the trees and the lamp in the snow is filled with atmosphere...well done. I like these storms where it snows, looks pretty, and then disappears quickly. I hope the birthday celebration was fun and that you have a wonderful week.

  6. Debbie, I'm loving your sketchbook page. Oh so pretty.
    Spring has not sprung in your neck of the woods yet. LOL!

  7. Such pretty snow photos, luckily you shot them before the snow was gone again. Happy Birthday to your Mom !! And as always your water color just stands out beautifully , even though you always keep a low profile :-))

  8. That photo with the light and snow is magnificent!

    Blessings ~

  9. I ope your mom had a wonderful birthday! I do love your art so much....

  10. I do not mind April snow just for that very reason. We had 3 inches also that was gone by midday. So nice. I do hope you are having a wonderful week.

  11. Happy 80th birthday to your mom!

  12. I love that one photo. It makes me think of Lucy's visit to Narnia. You captured the transformation of winter to spring in your photos!

  13. Beautiful April, I love how you honor her with your painting, your gratitude, and your words...

  14. Beautiful sketchbook. A surprise from nature, that April snow. Belated Happy Birthday for your mother. And good health always to you and your family. God bless

  15. I love that April painting and your snow pictures are beautiful. Hope your mom had a very wonderful birthday!

  16. Hope your Mom had a lovely birthday. Best wishes to you all for a splendid April that warms up.

  17. Belated happy birthday to your mom, Debbie. How pretty the snow was, but I'll bet you're ready for it to be gone for a while.


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