Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday's mail held something...

Monday's mail held something special...a package addressed to me.
It was a long cylinder wrapped and taped very tight.
Once in the house I got busy tearing the outside paper off.   So exciting to get a gift in the mail.    Who doesn't love a present?
It was from my dear friend Anne.   Inside there was not just one prize but three... two gorgeous lithographs...

plus this lovely adorable fellow below.   He is made with okra.   (and I thought okra was for eating only!)  

  Anne is an extremely talented artist.    She has a wonderful blog - alittlefurinthe .  Please pay her a visit you will certainly enjoy the time you spend there.   I  always do.

It is an understatement that mail day on Monday brought me a bushel full of joy.   Thank you dearest Anne.
 Hope Anne' s kitties and santa made you smile today.   Thanks for the visit.   God Bless!


  1. What beautiful artwork - but made from okra? At least now I know you can do something with that stuff! ha ha

  2. They did indeed! What a great mail day!

  3. What a great surprise to find in your mailbox!!! Great lithographs...and something made from okra...who knew???

  4. Beautiful work. Now the okra has me wondering, but it's darling. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Oh, Debbie ~ You were so sweet to do this! I'm thrilled that you liked your surprise package... and I love visitors ~ do come see me, all!
    Big hugs,
    Anne ♥♥

  6. Oh Debbie, this is wonderful. I love her work. It was so sweet of her. hug to you,love,Diana

  7. Those ARE gorgeous prints and what a sweet gift from your friend! It's so exciting to get things in the mail besides bills all the time. Of course... I wouldn't know; I mostly get bills! I've enjoyed browsing around your blog today!


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