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Count Down

 August has started the count down.  Only two days remain this month. Whew it certainly went fast.   Last week the "doggy days" were here.  The temps were in the high 80's and 90's with humidity being up there as well. The Rose of Sharon is still blessing us with a few blossoms but it is winding down as September approaches. The Fritillary moth stopped and paid a visit.  She didn't seem  bothered by the heat. The zucchini continues to be abundant.  Some made it into these delectable muffins.  Is it not amazing how a veggie baked up in a sugary treat takes on a whole different taste? The morning glories are taking over the garden, lawn, and anywhere they so please.  I think they know it is time to spread their glory.   Well dear friends I will leave you for now.  Hope your final count down of August is joyful. P.S. Thank you for all your sweet condolences and comments on the passing of my dear friend. Hugs to Each of You! Debbie "Command those who are rich in

We Never Know

In this life we never know when we will lose someone close and dear to us. This past Friday a wonderful friend was called "Home".  He was doing what he always did driving his tractor and working in the yard.  I am sure that his day most likely started with morning devotions and working on a Sudoko puzzle...then time to go outdoors and work.  After 87 years he had a routine. His grandson of 20 something had stopped to visit while his beloved wife of 67 years fixed them lunch. How could anyone know that a tragic accident was about to happen... the tractor would overturn and crush him underneath.  This gentleman was my Dad's best friend.  In losing him it once again reminded me how truly fragile life can be.   Like many of you I have had to say goodbye far too often in this past year to loved ones, neighbors and being my dear mom.   Death is a real part of living and we never know when it will be our time or of someone we love. How important to walk and live ea

Butterflies and Other Lovely Gifts

 August has brought us butterflies and other lovely gifts. I spotted this Monarch on today's afternoon walk .  Are not these purple thistles a pretty lavender color? The black Swallowtail was gathering his nourishment from the clover as we traveled by. These lilies must have offered the perfect spot to attract another visitor to stop and enjoy a drink. Our peach tree is full this month and gifting us with the sweetest of fruits.   Iron Weed and Golden Rod make such a complimentary duo.  They are two wildflowers that grow together in August's meadow. Speaking of twosomes - Schindler and Shelby are generally close by.  Today's walk was no exception. Thank you for letting me share some of this day's lovely gifts. Hope everyone has a delightful week. Hugs Debbie "As it is written: "He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor; his righteousness endures forever."  2 Cor. 9:9 (NIV) 


 In spite of the dry weather we are enjoying the veggies that can be picked daily. Did I mention one can never have enough zucchini - well possibly it is time to pass a few along to some friends and neighbors :)! These lovely lilies are one of my favorite flowers that bloom in August.  They bend their petals downward instead of opening up to the sky.  They grow tall and don't seem to mind the heat and lack of moisture. Garden phlox is another perennial that blooms later in the summer.  They are not as joyful as the lilies but their fragrance makes up for their lack of show. The little hummers continue to visit and keep us very entertained. Well dear friends this is what we are enjoying at Harmony Hills this week.  Hope you will take a minute to share something that is bringing you joy. Hugs Debbie "Dear    friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well."  3 John 2 (NIV)

Three Books

Hi friends.  Happy August to you. Thought this week I'd share three books I am in the process of reading.  As many of you know for me August is my slow down month.  I seek a shady spot, a cool drink and something good to read.      Billy Showell's " Botanical Painting in Watercolor" is one that is being revisited.  Her botanical paintings are beautiful.  She is very generous in sharing her colors and techniques.  This book is not only informative but lovely to page through. "Dandelion Summer" is the second book on my list.  Lisa Wingate is a new author for me.   Our local librarian recommended her and said this book was wonderful.  Thus far I have found it to be so.  Am only through the first few chapters but the story has me hooked.   It takes place in Dallas, Texas with a widowed older gentleman and a teenager living in a sad environment.  There is a bit of mystery that will keep one turning the page.  The last book being shared is "Shelter in God&quo