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Patterns and designs

I find myself drawn to patterns and designs... they are easy to spot in an acorn cap... in the wings of a butterfly... or the lace design of Queen Anne. There is something meditative in stepping back and noting the amazing things that are normally missed. A certain comfort is found in seeing repetition in nature.  It soothes our souls and connects us with the Great Designer of all.  Hope you will find some lovely patterns and designs in the coming week.  Hugs Debbie  "...See how the lilies of the field grow.  They do not labor or spin."  Matt:6:28b (NIV)


  Sharing a few bits of Joy today.  This is a view from our hillside.  I never grow tired of seeing the sky.   Madam Monarch enjoying a colorful lunch.  It is always a challenge to catch up with her when she starts searching for the perfect delicacy. The Rose of Sharon overseeing the veggie patch.  Bless her - she is faithful when the other flowering shrubs have withered in summer's drought. Last but not least...a rainbow.  It serves to remind me that God's promises never fail. Hope you enjoyed these bits of joy today.  Have a wonderful week. God Bless Debbie "Shout with joy to God, all the earth."  Psalm 66:1 (NIV)

Standing Strong

Golden Rod is standing strong during summer's heat;   Queen Anne's Lace too. Many folks consider these a nuisance - mere  weeds.  I do not.  To my thinking they are beauty growing well in the most adverse conditions.  They inspire me to stand strong and flourish in difficult situations.   Even during drought these two plants continue to bloom.  They refuse to give up spreading cheer. As I visit so many of you weekly I find this same strength and beauty in each of your posts.  You often share lovely thoughts, talents, and wonderful photos that spread inspiration and encouragement.  In reality we all have our own set of troubles, concerns, and challenges.  Life happens.  How well we all know that truth.  Yet when we take a moment to share something ordinary from our day, we find joy.  That ordinary becomes truly extraordinary.  Thank you dear friends for visiting me and inviting me to visit you.  Let us keep on Standing Strong.  God Bless! Debbie "He will keep you strong to

Good Ending

I love a good ending.   How about you? It can be found in the last page of a book ...a final scene of a movie or the finish of a challenging project.   Thought I would share a few of my good endings with you today. The peaches will soon be ripe. When they are - there will be pie.   That should be a good endingūüėč!    These lilies always arrive late in the summer season but they make the garden's end a delight.     Long shadows ... and a neighbors harvest all say it was a good day's end.  Hope all of you discover a few good endings this week. God Bless! Debbie  "The end of a matter is better than its beginning..."  Eccl.7:8a 

Place of Escape

This is my place of escape on a hot summer afternoon. At Harmony Hills August is generally a month when one wants to find a cool spot to relax. The flowers begin to wane in the heat and the garden like myself takes a bit of rest. I gather a few good books - a cool drink and find the glider .  It sits in a shady spot which is perfect when there is a breeze.  On my reading list is Max Lucado's "Unshakable Hope".   I have read his books for years and always find them so inspirational.  This one is no exception. For a light mystery that always ends well and a good who-done it - Mary Higgins Clark is a favorite.  "The Melody Lingers On" appears to be a quick, fun read.  Will let you know. Last have chosen an author that is new to me- Diane Chamberlain - "Her Mother's Shadow" looks like it will be a fascinating read that takes place on the "Outer Banks" of North Carolina.   Well friends maybe you will share your place of escape with me. Have a