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Holding On

This boy is holding on as winter's bluster continues. His lovely mate is waiting to eat. Their Blue Jay friend is thinking it is more than his turn at the feeder... while these two buddies are just happy to clean up the leftovers. Yes sweet friends I am holding on too while winter continues her visit. We are preparing like so many in our part of the world for the coming Arctic Air .   Hope all of you are warm and safe. Hugs Debbie "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father."  Matt:10:29 (NIV)

Snowed In

Being snowed in has a lovely upside. One has time to watch the birds... Gluten Free French Bread Bake something tasty... Read a good book or two... Paint something blooming. Or when the sun shines venture a snowy walk . If any of you are snowed in today - would love to hear what you are doing.   To those who are in a warm place - could you send some of it my way. "He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth,'  Job 37:6 a (NIV) Hugs Debbie

Winter's Peace

There is a certain peace that comes with winter. A quiet calm settles all around. Last season's reminders even appear at rest. Bare branches are adorned in simple white. The daily visitors are peaceful as they wait their turn. Even this busy one seems to know it is time to slow down and be still. Sweet friends wishing you a blessed peace-filled week. Hugs Debbie "A heart at peace gives life to the body..."   Prov. 14:30 a (NIV)


This year my perfect word is "Peace". Like many of you each year a certain word or words becomes the focus.   Generally for me the word keeps appearing over and over.   Such was the case with "Peace".  I love the story about a wealthy man who commissions an artist to depict a painting of peace. The artist first paints a lovely country scene...cows grazing in a meadow...birds flying overhead in a clear blue sky...a small village quietly situated off in the distance.   When the artist presents the painting to the man - it is refused.   He says  "this is not a true picture of peace." The artist returns to his studio disappointed yet willing to try again.  He then paints a beautiful woman holding a sweet sleeping child.   For sure this would  please the man.  No - it too was rejected. Feeling discouraged the artist is at a loss.  He even decides to pray for inspiration.   Almost at once an idea forms and the artist rushes to his canvas and paints l