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The Perfect Recipe

Here is the perfect recipe for a delightful winter's walk. Blue sky and lots of sunshine... a couple of sweet companions... a familiar path... and a brief visit with a neighbor. Yes friends this made the perfect recipe for a lovely walk. Speaking of recipes - here is a delicious treat and oh so easy.                          Forgotten Cookies 3 egg whites beaten into firm peaks...a pinch of  salt...1 tsp. of vanilla flavoring...1/2 cup of granulated sugar...1 cup of chopped nuts...1 cup of choc. chips or butterscotch. Preheat oven to 350 degrees - beat egg whites until firm...gently fold in the rest of ingredients. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper, brown paper or aluminum foil.   Spoon cookies in mounds onto paper leaving about 2 inches in between each one.   Turn oven off and place cookie sheets inside.   Close door and do not open for 12 hours or overnight.   Next morning flip cookies out onto another cookie sheet an

Winter's solitude

Winter has its own special brand of solitude.  The blanket of snow brings a quiet to the season. It allows one to be still... To reflect on what matters... To study God's handiwork in nature... and of course time to "look up". Even with all of its challenges there are many wonderful blessings that come with winter's sojourn. Hope all of you are enjoying this quiet time of the year. " quietness and trust is your strength."  Isaiah 30:15 b (NIV) Have a blessed week. Hugs Debbie


When a winter storm is on its way here are some of my necessities. Something hot to drink... A warm fire... and last but not least something good to read. What are some of your necessities?  Would love to know. P.S. - To those of you who are enjoying summer weather and warm temps...could you send some my way.    Have a lovely week. God Bless  Debbie

A Blank Page

Well friends it is another new year...a blank page awaits. New challenges are all a part of what could be written on this page. Last January my "perfect word" was became my focus and what I held onto during my Dad's illness and death.  It continued to sustain me as we moved forward to meet the changes that come with losing someone dearly loved. With the coming of 2018 I believe God's perfect word for me is "new".   To explain how I know this is the word for me would be too lengthy to post - so to keep it simple I didn't choose this word it just kept showing up until I knew it was the one! Funny how God has a wonderful way of letting us know certain things at certain times.  Guess we just have to be listening! What new things may be coming is yet to be discovered.  Looking forward to seeing what will be written on that blank page. How about all of you ?   Is there a "perfect word" you will sha