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Floral Sketches

         Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                                                           Sharing a floral sketch done this month.  June always seems to have so many flowers blooming at once.  It is hard to decide which ones to capture.  These were sketched directly in the garden with a micron pen.   Later a bit of watercolor was added in the studio.  Canson makes a great Montval Field Watercolor book.   Seems to accept light washes well without buckling.   Mine is a 10x7 with 50 pages .   This size suits my taste because it is easy to carry outdoors.   It is hard to realize that the last week of this beautiful month is here.   Where did June go?   Guess time flies when one is soaking up the sunshine and enjoying those glorious blooms! May all of you enjoy those last days of June...See you in July! Hugs Debbie

Mini Vacation

When summer's heat makes its visit I love to take a mini vacation. It is my favorite way to travel.   Not far to go, no traffic jams or fear of getting lost. Packing is easy too.  A straw hat, cool glass of lemonade and a good book makes the luggage very light.   When I arrive there is a comfy seat in a spot of shade. Yes friends this place is right out my back door. Now that I have shared my mini vacation...hope you will shares yours. Have a lovely week! Hugs Debbie   


The month of June is already gifting us with lovely picturesque moments. Pink poppies and larkspur are in full swing. Abundant sunshine and blue skies lift hearts... while fresh picked strawberries wet appetites. A special scene such as this is sure to bring a smile. Speaking of smiling - here is someone else who seems to be enjoying this beautiful month of June!   Hope you all are too. P.S. Thank you everyone for your sweet words , thoughts and prayers at the loss of my dear father.   They mean so much. Hugs Debbie


I have been pondering heaven of late. My dear father passed away two weeks ago on a Sunday morning. He slipped away from us ever so gently into the arms of  the Lord. His love and faith for God, family, and country left a legacy that will live on in all of  the hearts who knew him. There is much I could write but grief is just too fresh to allow the words to flow. Let me simply finish by saying I know that my Dad is finally home in heaven.   "...No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him."  1 Cor. 2:9 (NIV) God Bless! Debbie