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October's Farewell

As October bids us farewell and we step into November I am taking a moment to reflect on the passage of this beautiful month. It brought us such lovely hues... azure skies... green meadows panoramic vistas and of course the moon. Bless you for taking a moment to reflect with me. Hugs Debbie

Doodles/Inktober/Yellow Jackets

Been doing lots of doodles since I discovered that October is the month for Inktober. First read of this event at  Rhonda  's blogspot.  If you haven't paid her a visit - please do.   Rhonda is always up to something new and exciting in her studio. Speaking of studio - mine became a  home for Yellow Jackets (you know those mean ground hornets that pack a terrible punch if you corner them).   Hubby and I searched but we could not find how they were getting in.  Naturally we had to close the room off so they wouldn't find their way into the rest of the house. Glad to report a hard frost slowed them down and I think as of yesterday we killed our last one.   Hopefully I can move back in. Pizza Soup During my exile more time was spent in the kitchen.   When the temperatures start to drop and the days grow shorter soup is often our evening meal.   This particular one is a favorite.   (If anyone would like the recipe - let me know - always love to share). W

Fall Things

Please excuse this brief missive.   I have been very busy enjoying fall things. Hope everyone has a blessed week. Hugs Debbie

A Beautiful October Day

It was a beautiful October day.   The skies were pure blue - no clouds were found.  Lovely colors were all around. A gentle autumn breeze rustled through the dry standing corn. Warm sunshine cast long shadows on the hillside.     A harvest of veggies provided an abundant feast. Yes it was a beautiful October day. So glad you stopped by.   We hope you will be back soon! Hugs Debbie


October's beginning has brought some lovely changes to Harmony Hills. Goldenrod and white asters are making a bright display.  Vibrant oranges and reds have started a brilliant show. Even the butterfly seems to enjoy October's changes.    Hope you are too! Hugs Debbie P.S. Thank you dear friends for your thoughts and prayers.   My dad is doing much better.