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A Ride in The Country

Saturday was a beautiful day for a ride in the country. We saw puffy clouds in a blue sky... hillsides layered in shades of greens and blues... shady glades and architectural remains. All these made a ride in the country a delight. Finished Watercolor Thanks for taking time to visit.   So glad you did.   Have a blessed week! Hugs Debbie

Slow Down

WIP   I am wishing the summer would slow  down. Zucchini (croquettes) and yellow squash are rushing to bear fruit. Blackberries are in a hurry for you know what...    Pie! Day lilies are quickly opening. Even summertime seems to be making this fella grow fast. Ah how I wish the season would slow down! How about you? Hugs Debbie


This past week hubby and I enjoyed a bit of vacation time.    We took in some lovely views... Cuyahoga Valley Park done some hiking... Civilian Conservation Corp took in a bit of art... attended a bike show and watched the sky for some sunshine.   In spite of the rain we managed to get a couple of days filled with some vitamin D. Hope everyone has a lovely week. Thanks for your visit. Hugs Debbie

July's Colors

Here at Harmony Hills the colors of July are making their debut. Brilliant burgundies and peachy hues harmonize with subtle blue greens. Buttercup yellows... Soft pinks... as well as brilliant oranges make this month's color wheel vibrate. Oh and lets not forget lavender.  It is needed to complete the show. Hope you enjoyed seeing July's palette of colors.   "The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now...Your life will always be filled with challenges. "   Richard Carlson Hugs Debbie