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New Family Member

Schindler 8 weeks old Harmony Hills has a new family member.   He is eight weeks old and answers to Schindler. Shelby has promised to watch over him carefully when we humans are not around.    I am sure she will do a wonderful job.  He has been quite busy exploring his new home. Looks like it tuckered him out.   Maybe I will get some shut eye too! So glad you stopped to visit.   Have a wonderful week! Hugs Debbie

Three Things that Made Me Smile!

"Chippy" Chipmunk having lunch... Mr. Toad enjoying his moment in the sun... and this little fella.   He really made me smile. Hope you are smiling too! Have a great week. Hugs Debbie

Spring Has Arrived!

Flowers dance in the sun while   puffy white clouds float across the sky. Green meadows beckon  to come take a walk. The season of hope is finally here. I'm enjoying it's  arrival.    Hope you are too.   Hugs Debbie   

Happy Easter

The "Son" has risen! Happy Easter - Hugs! Debbie