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Yes it has been an "uh oh" week.   "Uh Oh" more snow... "Uh Oh " more below zero temperatures... "Uh Oh" I managed to fall on the ice walking with sweetie here. Fractured my wrist and will most likely need surgery! Uh Oh I may be out of commission for a bit of time.   Hope to visit you all soon.   In the meantime watch out and be careful because "Uh Oh" is still keeping many of us challenged with winter's wild ride. Hugs Debbie

Cold outside!

When it is cold outside and the snow is piled high... a hearty home cooked meal can warm the body and the soul. Meatloaf stuffed with sour cream and cheese is sure to please. Seasoned potato slices & a colorful crispy salad make great accompaniments. I am already feeling warmer.   How about you? Oh and of course one must not forget sweetened baked apples with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to complete the meal. So glad you stopped by to see what I do when it is cold outside! Hope everyone has a blessed week! Hugs Debbie

Could This Mean...

Watercolor/watercolor pencil on Yupo Paper I have been seeing the Canada geese flying overhead in spite of winter's cold. Could this mean spring is just around the corner? Hope so.    I am ready.   What about you? May everyone have a delightful week. God Bless ! Debbie

Winter Moments

The Neighbors Here are a few winter moments. An afternoon's snowy view... Male Cardinal a bright cheery visitor... decorated branches with dollops of white... Amish Buggy on its way home a familiar traveler passing by... Shelby that special friend waiting for a walk... and yesterday's lovely sunrise. So glad you stopped by to visit.   Hope you enjoyed my winter moments. Hugs Debbie